Day 4 of 12: Speedball Chikka’s Preparations. Interview with Coach Marwan Haidar

Speedball Chikka, currently training in Hamat club, joined the first division in 2015 where they finished 9th. We carried out a brief interview with Coach Marwan Haidar and it went as follows:

Coach Marwan Haidar
Coach Marwan Haidar

Q: When did the team start preparations, and how many training sessions per week is the team performing?
A: We started training at the beginning of October, and we are having four training sessions per week.

Q: What are the team’s goals this year in the championship?
A: As a start, we aim to qualify to the Final 8 stage. Then we wish to finish in the top half of the table by qualifying to the Final 6.

Q: What are the advantages that your team has over its rivals?
A: The chemistry we have between the players is extremely good. And, so far our reception has been very good.

Q: What are the latest results that your team has achieved from friendly games?
A: Our game results were:
Halat 2-1 Speedball Chikka
Speedball Chikka 2-0 Kalamoun
Speedball Chikka 2-1 Hboub

Q: What are your expectations for your first game this season which will be against Tannourine?
A: My expectations against any team is for my team to win. We always start all games with this mentality. Our team is well prepared, despite that Adam was still facing last year’s shoulder injury until not so long ago.

Q: Which positions are your foreign players playing in?
A: We have a receiver, setter, and opposite as foreign players.

As for the Lebanese players, below are the names:
Speedball Chikka Players

Game 1:
Tannourine vs Speedball Chikka
Date: Wednesday, 13 January 2016
Time: 7:30PM
Court: Ghazir

Tannourine vs Speedball Chikka history since 2009:
Tannourine vs Speedball History

Speedball Chikka’s history since 2009:
Speedball Chikka History