Day 5 of 12: Dalhoun’s Preparations. Interview with Coach Nabil Serhal

Located in Mount Lebanon, and also being 10 minutes away from Saida, Dalhoun is a team who proved to be a tough first division member throughout the past couple of years. We carried out a brief interview with Coach Nabil Serhal, below is what he told us:

Dalhoun Location
Dalhoun on Google Maps

Q: When did the team start preparations, and how many training sessions per week is the team performing?
A: We started training in November where we were having 2-3 training sessions per week. We gradually increased the number of sessions, and by the beginning of December we were having daily practice (of course excluding Sundays).

Q: What are the team’s goals this year in the championship?
A: I believe that qualifying to the Final 8 stage is not hard at all, and our goal is to enter the Final 6 stage.

Q: Which team do you consider to be your hardest opponent?
A: Zahra, Tannourine, and Anwar. Halat also have a good team which, I believe, will be a competitor for the Final 6 stage.

Q: What are the advantages that your team has over its rivals?
A: We currently have one of the best group of experienced Lebanese players. We also have a good setter, and our receivers are of a good level and we are comfortable with them. I personally feel confident about my players.

Q: What are the latest results that your team has achieved from friendly games?
A: Our game results were:
Hboub 1-3 Dalhoun
Risele Sarafand 1-3 Dalhoun
Risele Sarafand 1-3 Dalhoun
Anwar 3-1 Dalhoun
Zahra 3-1 Dalhoun
Tannourine 1-3 Dalhoun

Q: What are your expectations for your first game this season which will be against Hboub?
A: We have better Lebanese players. As for the foreign player combination, it is about who succeeded in finding a better group. I believe we have a 60% change of winning.

Below are the player names:
Dalhoun Players

Game 1:
Hboub vs Dalhoun
Date: Tuesday, 12 January 2016
Time: 8:30PM
Court: Sleiman

Hboub vs Dalhoun history since 2009:
hboub vs dalhoun

Dalhoun’s history since 2009:
Dalhoun History