Day 9 of 12: Tannourine’s Preparations. Interview with Coach William Asmar

Tannourine joined the first division in 2013 where they finished first in the qualifications stage. They faced Blat who were 8th. Blat managed to surprise everyone leaving Tannourine in 8th place. In 2014, Tannourine got to the semi finals, and lost against Zahra in a very close set of games. They finished third after defeating Blat 3-1. Last year, 2015, Tannourine were again faced with Zahra in the semi finals where they lost three games to nothing. They finished fourth after losing 3-1 to Bouchrieh. Coach William Asmar is leading Tannourine this year, and he joined us in a brief interview in which we discussed the following:

Coach William Asmar
Coach William Asmar

Q: When did the team start preparations, and how many training sessions per week is the team performing?
A: We have been training five times a week since mid October, but our Cuban foreigners arrived a week ago.

Q: What are the team’s goals this year in the championship?
A: Our goal is to reach the Final 4 stage as a minimum.

Q: Which team do you consider to be your hardest opponent?
A: Most of the teams are good, but Anwar, Bouchrieh, and Zahra remain the hardest. I believe those three teams are the ones we will compete with in the Final 4 stage.

Q: What are the advantages that your team has over its rivals?
A: Our opposite, setter, and receiver foreign players are very good. We aim to have more chemistry with our setter. Additionally, we have Caio Maalouf, a professional Lebanese player who plays at the same level as foreign players.

Q: What are the latest results that your team has achieved from friendly games?
A: Our game results were:
Dalhoun 3-1 Tannourine
Tannourine 2-0 Risseleh Sarafand
Tannourine 2-0 Sacre Coeur
Tannourine 0-2 Blat

Q: What are your expectations for your first game this season which will be against Speedball Chikka?
A: Speedball is a good team. They have Adam, Elias Fares, and good foreign players. It is not an easy game, but we should win.

Game 1:
Tannourine vs Speedball Chikka
Date: Wednesday, 13 January 2016
Time: 7:30PM
Court: Ghazir

Tannourine vs Speedball Chikka history since 2009:
Tannourine vs Speedball History

Tannourine‘s history since 2009:

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