2016 Second Division – Final 4

The teams which have officially qualified to the second division Final 4 stage are (drum-roll):
(Reverse Alphabetical Order)

Pool A
Mtein vs Amchit will be the decisive game. In case of a draw, Mtein will qualify (1-0 aggregate for Mtein). The team finishing in 1st place will face Finikia Jbeil, whereas the team finishing in second place will face the Army.
Detailed standings for Pool A:
Pool B
Army have secured first place (Unless they lose against Finikia with an extremely low score/Under 15). Finikia Jbeil finished in second place.
Detailed standings for Pool B:

Note: Army only qualifies to the first division if they finish in first place. In that case the team finishing in second place will qualify directly, and the team in third place will play against Kalamoun in the barrage.