The Sad Truth About Our Lebanese Volleyball Cup

The Lebanese Volleyball Cup is a yearly championship where all Lebanese teams from any division get to compete against each other, but they are only allowed to play with Lebanese players (no foreign players allowed).

The championship is played using the knockout system. A team gets knocked out of the championship when they lose one game.

Sadly, the Lebanese Volleyball Cup has become a one week championship, compared to other countries where it is season long.

As for the results: Second division teams have made it clear that they have a better Lebanese squad! Most of the first division teams don’t even have 6 Lebanese players ready to participate. But the ones who do:
– Zahra lost against Army (2-3)
– Dalhoun lost against Amchit (0-3)
– Mtein forfeited against Hboub after winning 2-1 in sets, and being 23-15 in 4th set proving that they are the better side (To rest for the second division semi-final). So Hboub qualified.
– Sacre Coeur who relegated to second division this year will play against Hboub in the quarter finals. The winner will face Army.

Sadly, this championship is not getting the importance it should, and several important questions need to be asked:

– Why do first division teams not have 6 Lebanese players ready? How does this influence the level of Lebanese players?

– Why is the number of participating teams this low?

– Why is it just one week?

– Is the time suitable for all participating teams? Is the time suitable for half of the participating teams?

We only criticize to improve.