Round 7 – Round of Challenges!

Almost every court in this round will have every seat taken by a supporting fan. Who will the winners be? Will the standings completely change?
Riseleh Sarafand did not lose any game in their home court so far, having a full house of supporters on every home game. Will Anwar break this record, or will Riseleh Sarafand hold on to their terror?
Risleleh Sarafand's Fans in Habbouch
Risleleh Sarafand’s Fans in Habbouch
Any of those teams might end up first after this round. Speedball playing in Hamat means their court will be full of their supporters. How will this affect Bouchrieh?
Speedball's Fans in Hamat
Speedball’s Fans in Hamat
Halat have a team capable of defeating the champions. But can they do it in Al Mina where Zahra’s fans leave no place for others to stand?
Zahra's Fans In Al Mina
Zahra’s Fans in Al Mina
The fight for 11th place, the fight for the first win! Kalamoun playing in North Heaven in a court always filled by their supporters. Playing in North Heaven is probably an advantage for Kalamoun over teams training in big halls, but will it be the same on Sacre Coeur who are training in a similar court?
Kalamoun's Fans in North Heaven
Kalamoun’s Fans in North Heaven
Will Dalhoun defeat the undefeated Tannourine?
Dalhoun's Fans in Chiyeh
Dalhoun’s Fans in Chiyeh
Two neighboring teams, currently in 10th and 9th place. Which team will make a step closer to the Final 8?
Standings before Round 7 – How much will the rankings change after this round?
1- Tannourine
2- Zahra
3- Speedball
4- Anwar
5- Bouchrieh
6- Dalhoun
7- Halat
8- Riseleh Sarafand
9- Hboub
10- Blat
11- Kalamoun
12- Sacre Coeur